• Safety… Higher Yields with Lower Risk


    • As a Debt Fund, not an Equity Fund, our commercial real estate Fund positions investors as the lender. In most other real estate funds, Investors are junior to the Bank Loans.


    • All debt is secured by Trust Deeds/ Mortgages – very defensive deals, with high yield coupons, short term durations, personal guarantees, etc.


    • LK Secured Lending is a real estate investment platform that gives investors direct access to quality investment opportunities and real estate operators the ability to raise capital.


    • From the partnerships we develop with real estate sponsors to the service we deliver to our investors, our mission is to connect capital to opportunity.


    • We see potential in delivering value and efficiency to real estate investors and operators through our expertise, technology and data.


Seek to achieve attractive, far superior risk-adjusted returns and produce current income by investing in selective commercial real estate loans.

The fund invests in commercial real estate loans through an asset-based lending approach. In the unlikely event of a default, the fund is protected by the significant equity in each property we lend on.

It is our intention to provide investors and borrowers the very best of service, support, advice, and facilitation. This will enable us to provide full transparency in all aspects of our business.

We understand that basic lending principles remain constant, but in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, we must be ready to accept and embrace change.