Over the past 20 years, Real Estate Investment Trusts  have outperformed all other asset classes, including stocks/bonds, precious metals, oil and residential real estate.

Now, there is a way to get these returns in a far safer way – Our Fund Investors “Are the Bank”, not subordinate or junior to the Bank Loans, as is the case in Equity real estate funds and real estate .

Debt offered by LK Secured Lending

9.75% actual annualized return, 7% minimum preferred return

Secured by Real Estate Trust Deeds/ Mortgages (Loan-To-Value of Fund ~ 48%)

Conservative underwriting principles

Higher yield vs. CDs or bonds

NO stock market or bond market exposure

NO interest rate risk

No-load fund with uncapped upside

May be used with IRAs

Minimum investment only $25,000

20-year Annualized Returns By Asset Class
(1999 – 2018)

REITs 9.9%
GOLD 7.7%
OIL 7%
S&P 500 5.6%
BONDS 4.5%
HOMES 3.4%

JPMorgan Asset Management Survey March 2019

9.75% Actual Annualized Return, PAID MONTHLY



At LK Secured lending, You Are The Bank, not subordinate to the bank loans as in the case with Equity Real Estate Funds and REITS


Portfolio offers safe, conservative Loan-To-Value. All profits are returned or reinvested.


In addition to a 7% preferred return, fund has uncapped upside and no load fee, so all of your money is invested.


No stock or bond market exposure.
May be used with IRAs.

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©2019 LK Secured Lending, 662 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90049.  This is not an offer to purchase securities; sales are limited to accredited investors who have reviewed our PPM.  The Preferred Return is not guaranteed. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment in the Fund is speculative and may involve a high degree of risk. Not FDIC or otherwise insured.

Frequently Asked Quesions/

A secured fund is a fund that is secured with tangible assets, in LK Secured Lending’s case, it is secured by valuable real estate at very conservative loan to value ratios.

Secured funds are a way to get annualized returns in a far safer way. At LK Secured Lending, YOU are like the Bank, not junior or subordinate to the bank loans as in the case with acquisition Funds/REITS.

LK Secured Advisors manages the Fund and Investors own all the shares in the Fund, which in turn owns all the loans. The Fund pays out all the interest from all the loans to the Investors (after fees)every month.

Because the Fund only does short term, or “bridge” loans, the Fund has paid Investors 9.5% annualized returns since inception of the Fund!

Investors looking for both extreme safety and a high return -- Investors are positioned senior to borrowers equity to substantially reduce risks and increase actualized returns.

  • Safety. At LK Secured lending, You Are The Bank, not subordinate to the bank loans as in the case with Equity Real Estate Funds and REITS
  • Income Producing. Portfolio offers safe, conservative Loan-To-Values. All profits in the Fund are paid out to the Investors.
  • Uncapped Upside. LK Secured Lending has uncapped upside and no-load fees. All Investors money is invested in the Fund.
  • Diversification. No stock or bond market exposure. Due to the short term duration of the loans in the fund, interest rate risk is eliminated. May be used with IRA’s.

You are immediately invested in the Fund earing the high interest return from the day you invest.

The tie up period for the fund is 12 months in accordance with the Memorandum (provided upon request). However, accommodations can be met if there is urgent need.

There are two Funds:

There is no difference in terms of payout.

Reg D is for accredited Investors and has a minimum investment of $25,000.

Reg A does not require accredited status and has a minimum investment of $1,000.

On the 15th day of the following month of your Investment, and thereafter every month.